A brand-new roof is an important investment for your property. Because a roof system is designed to protect you and yours from outside elements – critters, weather, and intruders – your new roof must be properly designed and professionally installed. 


Much like your roof, gutters can often be overlooked. It can be harder to notice damage to your gutters, and some people may not think that gutters are a necessary function of their roofing system. However, gutters do play a vital role in your roofing system. Not only do they reroute water away from your home, but also direct it to the street.

Metal Roofs

  • Strong – not easily damaged
  • Long-Lasting – possibly the last roof you will ever need
  • Light Weight – will not increase the load on your structure.
  • Impact Resistant (may vary from product to product)


A lot can go wrong overnight, or on the weekend. You may be wholly unprepared for a severe tropical storm to rip a hole in your roof. Well, Best Roofing Company is prepared for just such a situation. We have some of the best roofing technicians in the entire country standing by to help homeowners like yourself.

Chimney Caps

Chimney caps are essential chimney products that serve several purposes. They are placed on the top of the chimney, on the exterior.

When your heating appliance is in use, the chimney cap allows smoke and ventilation while keeping debris like leaves and sticks from entering the chimney.


Most homeowners insurance policies cover roof replacement if the damage is the result of an act of nature or sudden accidental event.

Best Roofing will help you maneuver the Insurance Company to make sure you are getting the best possible assistance for your roof repairs or replacement

We Call Western NC Our Home

Our main office is located in Arden, NC, but we serve our neighbors in all of Western NC. We also provide commercial and residential roofing for our friends in upstate South Carolina.

We offer roof repair in Hendersonville, NC as well as roof repair in Asheville, NC. Our services include roof installs, repairs and leaks, yearly maintenance, and roofing insurance.

Years of Trust

In choosing a roofing contractor, you are choosing to allow someone into your home and protect everything you own. We understand that responsibility, and for 9 years our reviews have proven that we are the best roofing contractors in WNC!

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

We’re not only the best local roofing company because of our name. We are Best Roofing Company because we offer the best customer service and the best-skilled roofing contractors. Our philosophy is simple: respect and transparency are prerequisites for trust.
How many roofing contractors have you called without response? Do you know of any roofing horror stories because of a lack of managerial supervision? These are two of the most prevalent industry grievances that separate Best Roofing Company from every other NC roofing company.
  • When you call us, we answer the phone. Our priority is connecting with you when you need us, and our mission is to build a lasting relationship with you based on integrity and professionalism while providing you with a quality roof.

  • When we service your home, your project is supervised by a factory-certified project manager 100% of the time, selected specifically for your home and according to his proven field experience. We guarantee that your project manager will be punctual, knowledgeable, professional, and available at all times.

Schedule an appointment to review your choices. Best Roofing Company has many options to fit your budget and sense of style.


In order to keep our employees and customers safe, we are now offering free virtual estimates.

Consultations that require an in-person assessment will be done contactless.

Please contact us to learn more about how we can keep you safe and still provide the best roofing service in Western North Carolina. 

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